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Friedrich Kunz & Alexander Heim
Element Eins is an important step forward in the energy transition, demonstrating how renewable electricity can be transported and stored as green hydrogen gas.
“Element Eins underlines that innovations play a crucial role in the energy transition. This pilot project converts green electricity to gas and enables us to explore new ways of transporting and storing renewable energy.

This will allow renewable energy to be used in a larger variety of ways, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, we can explore its contribution to energy networks in order to make better use of existing infrastructures.”

Friedrich Kunz
Advisor Market Development TenneT
“The energy transition needs diversification, innovation and advanced engineering to succeed. The planned construction of this major power-to-gas plant addresses these needs and helps the development of the energy transition.

If we take a cross-sector technical approach and use our expertise in a purposeful and focused way, we will succeed. Power-to-gas in combination with the existing gas network has great potential and can help offer the flexibility and storage solutions we need to meet ambitious renewable energy targets.”

Alexander Heim
Project leader Element Eins Thyssengas