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Consolidated statement of changes in equity

For the year ended 31 December (EUR million)

Attributable to equity holders of the companyNon-controlling interestTotal equity
Paid-up and called-up capitalShare premium reserveHedging reserveRetained earningsUnappro- priated resultEquity attributable to ordinary sharesHybrid securitiesEquity attributable to owners of the company
At 1 January 20171001,38051,7911343,4105203,9309714,901
Profit for the year4424423547776553
Total other comprehensive income-12111
Total comprehensive income-124424433547876554
Dividends paid6.2.1-146-146-146-43-189
Capital contribution6.2.11515
Capital repayment6.2.1-500-500-162-662
Issue of hybrid securities6.2.1-3-31,000997997
Distribution on hybrid securities6.2.1-37-37-37
Tax on distribution on hybrid securities6.2.19999
Appropriation remaining prior year result-33
At 31 December 20171001,38041,7874423,7131,0184,7318575,588
Profit for the year3893893142090510
Total other comprehensive income-13222
Total comprehensive income-133893913142290512
Dividends paid6.2.1-147-147-147-79-226
Capital repayment6.2.1-72-72
Transition effect IFRS 91.2-1-1-1-1
Issue of hybrid securities6.2.1101101101
Distribution on hybrid securities6.2.1-30-30-30
Tax on distribution on hybrid securities6.2.18888
Appropriation remaining prior year result303-303
At 31 December 20181001,38032,0923893,9641,1205,0847965,880