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Company statement of financial position

For the year ended 31 December (EUR million)

Non-current assets
Investments in subsidiaries8.46,6906,296
Investments in joint ventures and associates8.53535
Other financial assets8.66,2326,050
Total non-current assets12,95712,381
Current assets
Other financial assets8.61,3931,342
Account- and other receivables8.7309350
Cash and cash equivalents351
Total current assets1,7051,743
Total assets14,66214,124
Equity and liabilitiesNotes20182017
Paid up and called-up capital100100
Share premium1,3801,380
Revaluation reserve4354
Reserve for participating interests618
Reserve for internally generated assets229
Hedging reserve34
Retained earnings1,9661,716
Unappropriated result389442
Equity attributable to ordinary shares3,9643,713
Hybrid securities1,1201,018
Equity attributable to owners of the company5,0844,731
Non-current liabilities
Payables to group companies280
Deferred tax liability54
Total non-current liabilities7,9697,070
Current liabilities
Account- and other payables8.108531,367
Bank overdrafts39
Total current liabilities1,6092,323
Total equity and liabilities14,66214,124